08 July 2024

Welcome Sharon Williams, Cranborne’s newest member to the team

We are delighted to introduce Sharon Williams, who joins us as the new Estate Administrator at Cranborne Estate. With her wealth of experience, Sharon is a perfect fit for our team. In a recent interview, Sharon shared her journey, inspiration, and goals for her role at Gascoyne Estates.

What inspired you to join Gascoyne Estates?

“The job description caught my attention. It spoke to me, and I dearly wanted to be part of something that matters both now and in the future. I felt I would be really proud to work for Gascoyne Estates.”

Can you tell us a bit about your background and professional journey that led you to this point?

“Many moons ago, I worked in an estate agency, which was great as it was my first job after college, and I loved it. A promotional gifts company came next, and I was the central hub there, liaising with purchasing, sales, the art department, and distribution. Next stop was education, and that is where I remained for 15 years, first supporting in primary classes and then training to be a Higher-Level Teaching Assistant, regularly teaching whole classes. It was my passion—so much so that I also became Manager of our After School Club and our Holiday Club, so no time off in the school holidays for me! A big birthday came along, and I decided it was time for a big change—let’s do something new, I thought. Enter Gascoyne Estates’ advert, and here I am!”

What aspect of Gascoyne Estate resonates with you the most?

“A happy team is at the forefront of all that we intend to achieve in the coming years. Our future plans for sustainability and value for the communities we serve are to be applauded. We are not only running a business for today but thinking about tomorrow and the importance of ensuring that the impact we have is positive. A happy team will ensure we achieve all our goals.”

How do you envision contributing to the growth and success of the estate in your role?

“I want to be able to offer administrative support to allow others to get the best out of their role and to focus on growing Cranborne Estate to be the best it can be.”

What do you find most exciting about the company culture and working environment?

“We care. We care about our past, about now, and about our future. We are a team, and that ethos encourages staff to do their best and move forward with common goals and a healthy respect for everything that Gascoyne Estates stands for.”

In your first few weeks, what has stood out as a memorable experience?

“Meeting staff who are passionate about what they do. I had various tours including the Deer Larder, The Farm, The Manor Gardens, and some of the properties that we own in the village. The breadth of knowledge was astounding, and I was absolutely drawn in by listening to people who love what they do—it’s inspiring.”

If you could use three words to describe your work style, what would they be?

“Efficient, organised, and friendly.”

What are some hobbies or interests you have outside of work that you’re passionate about?

“I love line dancing. No cowboy hats or boots, thankfully. We meet once a week to learn dance routines to all types of chart music, not just country—we have moved on since then! Having to learn 64 dance steps before they are repeated in the dance will focus anyone’s mind! Our latest dance is to the track ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd.”

How do you see Gascoyne Estates making a positive impact in the community, and how do you want to be a part of that?

“A community needs people. Community spirit comes from happy people. Cranborne is a village; it is people’s home. We are just one part of that community, and it’s absolutely great to be situated in the heart of the village as it makes us accessible to our tenants who come into the office regularly and have made me feel very welcome. The success of our recent farm walk demonstrates that people living here value what we are doing. They are keen to learn what we bring to Cranborne and are supportive of us in many ways, which is great to see. I love being a part of that.”

Welcome Sharon Williams, Cranborne’s newest member to the team - Gascoyne Estates