About Us

About Us


Our enduring purpose: ‘Growing lasting social and commercial value for the communities we serve’. This purpose reflects our history, our desire to deliver quality and our focus on communities. It is the reason the Gascoyne team exists.


Vision & Goals

By the end of 2030 Gascoyne Estates will be a thriving, profitable and admired business, delivering significant social and commercial value.

Our dynamic, customer-focused and innovative people will love working together as a great team. Every aspect of our business will reflect our commitment to a sustainable environment and our communities will recognise the value we bring to their quality of life.


We will deliver the vision through 5 simple goals

1 – Sustainable Profits

We aim to make sustainable profits, which means making money from running our business well and in a way that we are proud of. Good profits come because we look after properties and spaces responsibly, ethically and sustainably, providing people with great places to live, work, meet and relax.

2 – Positive Environmental Impact

As custodians of the planet our children and grandchildren will inherit, we aspire to lead by example on environmental respect and sustainability, boosting biodiversity and cutting waste and carbon.

3 – Vibrant Communities

We will build houses and workplaces as part of vibrant communities. This means planning and designing healthy environments that encourage people to connect and enhances their quality of life.

4 – Simple To Operate

Everyone has a role to play in making our business agile, innovative and efficient. This means finding ways to do things more simply, with less friction, saving us time, saving us money and making it fun.

5 – A Happy Team

Everyone at Gascoyne should feel inspired, encouraged, challenged and supported. Being healthy and happy at work is not just good for business, it’s good in its own right.

We want people to recognise Gascoyne as the best place to work.


Culture & Values

Gascoyne enjoys an unwavering dedication to continuous improvement, with the aim of leaving a lasting, positive impact on the communities in which we serve. This relentless pursuit of betterment fuels our collective team spirit, fostering an environment of innovation and a shared passion for excellence.

The values which underpin the culture in which we operate are:

  • Openness
  • Agility
  • Quality
  • Curiosity and Innovation
  • Legacy – shaping the future
Culture & Values - Gascoyne Estates

Partners & Charities

We value working in a collaborative manner with many different partners and charities who share the same common aims as Gascoyne. From the contractors we consult with on major building projects, to like-minded institutions who are passionate about making change for good, to farmer clusters and groups, all are aligned to our aspiration of building vibrant communities where people can have thriving futures.

Partners & Charities - Gascoyne Estates

The Team

The success of an organisation as diverse as Gascoyne Estates is dependent upon a multi-talented and motivated team. With a business that transcends the many different aspects of a landed estate, our roles are varied and interesting, and rely on harmonious collaboration between teams. We work hard to achieve one of our goals of ‘A Happy Team’ and have achieved an employee satisfaction score of 97% in a recent company survey.

The Team - Gascoyne Estates

Stewardship & Sustainability