25 January 2024

Barry’s Hatfield honey

Barry has worked on Hatfield Park for over twenty years and has kept bees there for the past twelve. His hives are on three different sites across the park and are highly productive, creating over fifty jars of honey per hive. The bees forage for pollen up to a range of five miles, meaning Barry’s careful stewardship of the colonies has been a great benefit to the local flora in the Park and beyond.

Beekeeping is a full-time endeavour, and an increasingly vital one. As climate change and mite borne viruses threaten the bee population, this ancient process brings the benefits of pollination with the creation of local produce. As the visitor operation develops, Barry will take on a more educational role on the Estate, developing the next generation of beekeepers through workshops and experiences for people of all ages.

Barry’s Hatfield honey - Gascoyne Estates